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This is the tagging we use to filter out the features and build the KML for OpenEcoMaps. To ensure your features shows up properly, make sure you add all of these tags!

N.B. Maps for different parts of the country show their own selection of features documented on this page, e.g. vegetarian restaurants and cafes don't currently show up on the main London and Exeter maps. This list is just a guide.

All icons

  • name - title for the popup bubbles
  • description - basis for the popup bubble contents
  • operator - often used to describe the company/organisation/person operating the feature
  • website - link to a given web address
  • wikipedia - link to a given Wikipedia article
  • flickr - take the id of a photo (the number at the end of a photo URL) and display it in the bubble with the Flickr API
  • ref - ref codes can be used for various things such as train station timetables

Low carbon power

Zero waste



Culture and heritage

Vegetarian / vegan food