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Public-images-osm logo.svg Prefix diet:*
The prefix for several diet:* keys to describe dietary options. Should not itself be used as a key.
Group: Food and beverages
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taginfo: diet:*

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This page describes a key prefix rather than a simple key.

diet is the common prefix for several diet:*=* keys to describe dietary options, for example to indicate that a amenity=restaurant offers vegetarian dishes.

All tags follow the structure diet:<DIET_TYPE>=<OFFER>.


Diet types

Key Description Usage
diet:pescetarian no land-dwelling meat, but allows fish
diet:vegetarian synonym for ovo-lacto-vegetarian, no fish or meat
diet:lacto_vegetarian no fish, meat or eggs
diet:ovo_vegetarian no fish, meat or dairy
diet:vegan no fish, meat, dairy, eggs or any other animal products
diet:fruitarian only fruit, nuts and seeds
diet:raw uncooked and unprocessed only
diet:gluten_free no gluten in food
diet:dairy_free no milk or other dairy products in food
diet:lactose_free no lactose in food
diet:diabetes Diabetes
diet:halal permissible for consumption by Muslims
diet:kosher kosher food, permissible for observant Jews


  • yes - the place provides at least a proper choice for this diet type, constantly available, i.e. full meal in a restaurant, specific section in shop. If in doubt, see note below.
  • no - the place doesn't provide this diet type at all, or not reliably, i.e. side-orders or light snack only in a pub, temporary products in a shop.
  • only - the place only provides this diet type, N.B. it may often be helpful to tag a vegetarian place with both diet:vegetarian=only and diet:vegan=yes)

Only places that provide a proper choice for an option should be tagged yes. For instance, a restaurant with vegetarian starters but no vegetarian main course is to be tagged no. Same for a pub that can't serve more than light snacks (baked potatoes, green salad) to vegetarians. There is discussion of using the value "limited" as well as yes/no/only, so as to be clearer about the difference between a total absence of options and merely limited options.


A vegetarian-only Indian restaurant that also offers vegan dishes
A supermarket that sells vegetarian foods


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