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Indicates that the food sold has Halal certificate. Edit or translate this description.
Group: Food and beverages
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diet:halal=* indicates that the food sold is declared to be halal. It may additionally have a formal certificate to establish the fact, but need not.
Islamic dietary law prohibits eating, among other things, pork, blood, unslaughtered meat (eg, carrion and snared animals), and the meat of dying or seriously sick animals. To be halal, i.e., licit, the animal must also be slaughtered (or hunted) by a Muslim, in a prescribed manner.

Halal meat and/or outlets may be certified by an independent organisation, or customers may be happy to take the shopkeeper's word for it.

There is difference of opinion among Muslims as to whether an animal stunned before killing can be halal: it is thought it may ultimately kill the animal, i.e., the animal is dying at the time of slaughter and so impermissible.
Muslims can eat kosher food if necessary diet:kosher=*. Jews can not eat Halal food.


  • diet:halal=no - This store or restaurant offers no halal products.
  • diet:halal=yes - This store or restaurant offers some halal products.
  • diet:halal=only - This store or restaurant offers exclusively halal products. (Note: this may include items, such as chocolate or vegetables, which are 'halal' strictly speaking, but only rarely called 'halal' in daily use: it need not refer only to places that exclusively sell halal meat.)

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butcher=halal cuisine:halal=* halal:certification=*