FI/OSM-Mapathon Helsinki 21.11.2015

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Join us in Helsinki for an OpenStreetMap Mapathon! No mapping experience required! If you like maps and the idea of helping others, then this event is for you! All the mapping will be done indoors, using a computer. There will be a short introductory session to the Mapathon goals and tools at the beginning of the event, and it will be repeated for those who join later. Experienced users will be helping new mappers all throughout the Mapathon.


An OpenStreetMap remote mapping event.

This event has its motivation in the Geography Awareness Week, November 15th-21st. HOT (Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team) and Missing Maps are supporting the organization of Mapathons world wide. OpenStreetMap (OSM) is the one of the biggest geographic database in the world created by the collaborative effort of volunteers.


10:30 am - 14:30 pm. Saturday, November 21st 2015


Location: Ylähuone, Kalevankatu 31a, 6th floor (entrance via the interior yard) (we will be indoors all the time!)


Register to the event (only for an estimation of participants): (if you registered to the FB event, it is not necessary to register here again)

Bring your own laptop and mouse, digitizing is hard if you use the laptop touchpad.

Area to be mapped and focus

The task will be picked from the HOT Tasking Manager website. The area to be mapped is being discussed. will be mapped:

An area in Mozambique

Preparing for the event and some learning resources

If you don't have an OSM account yet, register an account in before hand.

We will go through the basics in the event, but if you have time before the event, you can learn about OSM and remote editing here:

  • Basic OSM skills - Minimum time up to you, maximum time about 2 hours to complete
  • Remote editing - Takes about 1 hour including the linked Tasking Manager section but excluding "Remote Mapping - Starting to map" subsection JOSM parts


Tentative program:

The data will be directly digitized on top of satellite images using the OSM website tools (called iD editor).

Contacts/organizers: Eduardo Gonzalez (contact: eglatorre ät gmaili), Maptime Helsinki (contact: Susanna Ånäs in FB) and Erno Mäkinen (contact: ernoma at gmail) and you?

Event preparation and organization

[moved to Discussion tab, see at the beginning of wiki page] [Read this part if you are interested in helping with the organization of the event or just interested in knowing how we organized it]