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Public-images-osm logo.svg post_box:type
Post box types.jpg
The physical style (size/shape) of the post box, and how it is mounted. Edit or translate this description.
Groupe: Properties
Utilisé pour ces éléments
peut être utilisé sur des nœudsne devrait pas être utilisé sur des cheminsne devrait pas être utilisé sur des zonesne devrait pas être utilisé sur des relations
Statut : utilisé

The physical style (size/shape) of the post box, and how it is mounted.


This is a properties tag and should be used in combination with post box:

For other tags that can be used in combination with post box see Extended Usage.

Values in use in United Kingdom

Value Description Example picture
pillar A freestanding box, usually cylindrical in shape.

wikipedia:pillar box

Victorian postbox in Windsor Avenue Radyr.JPG
lamp Attached to a pole or lamp post, smaller than a pillar box

wikipedia:lamp box

Post Box Back Lane - - 97825.jpg
wall A box set into a wall

wikipedia:wall box

Windsor letterbox 02.JPG
community Community mailboxes contain individual mailboxes, plus an outbound mailslot. See Canadian tagging guidelines#Community mailboxes.
French community post box.jpg
meter A special type of post box that is designed to only accept pre-paid business mail (known as "meter mail" in the UK). The special adaptations may include a larger aperture and/or mechanisms to prevent unauthorised persons from using the box.

While this value is about the physical appearance/design of the box rather than the mail types accepted, it will normally only be used on boxes that only accept this special type of mail. It would be unlikely to find one of these specially adapted meter mail boxes being used for ordinary mail. However, it may be more common for ordinary boxes to accept special types of mail.

In the UK these "meter" boxes are normally larger square pillar boxes with a larger mechanical aperture that is locked outside specified opening hours (see opening hours section).

Since this classification is distinct from, and in some sense orthogonal to, the other post_box:type values, it has been suggested that a different key should be used for this attribute, leaving post_box:type to tag the box with the best fit from pillar, lamp, and wall.

Inverness Longman postboxes meter.JPG

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