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Translators needed for featured images!

Translating captions

  • Login or create an account on this wiki
  • On one of the Featured image archive pages (e.g. Featured Images/Jan-Mar 2010), find an image which doesn't have a caption in your language.
  • Click the (edit) button beside the language name
  • Enter a translated version of the english image caption
  • Try to add any links that were present in the english caption
    • If the links go to a page with translations, try linking to the version in your language
  • Press "save page".
  • If the translation contains links, you may need to type a  CAPTCHA and press "save page" again
  • Return to the list of featured images, refresh the page, and check that your translation is visible

Adding new languages

Anyone willing to translate for a language not yet offered here, edit the {{Featured image descriptions exist}} template to add your language code, or ask Ojw for help.