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The Strategic Working Group have put together a proposal for a policy regarding the adding of new online routing services to the openstreetmap.org website.

For more information about the criteria read the

Functionality (hover for description) YOURS [1] CycleStreets [2] Cloudmade [3] Routino [4] Roadeeno [5] BBBike @ World [6] MapQuest [7]
Coverage Global UK only Global UK only Global Selected Cities Global
Modes of transportation
Car routing F/S[1] no F/S F/S F/S no F/S
Bicycle routing F/S/Q[2][3] F/S/Q F F/S/Q F/S/Q[2] F/S/Q no
Pedestrian routing yes no yes yes yes no no
Avoid street types no partial no yes yes yes yes
Routing over ferry routes yes yes No[4] yes no yes yes
User interface
Route instructions no[4] yes yes yes yes: web and navigation yes yes
Multilingual instructions no[4] no API only[4][5] English, German, Dutch[6] German, English yes yes
Permalink for routes yes yes yes yes yes yes no
GPX download yes yes yes yes yes yes no
KML download server-side yes no no no yes no
geoJSON download server-side ? ? no yes no no
Service information
Open source yes no[7] no yes yes yes no
API yes Partial yes not online but is open-source partial yes yes
Regular routing data updates approx. weekly every few days weekly Every Tuesday & Saturday approx. weekly bi-weekly daily


  1. Fastest/Shortest
  2. 2.0 2.1 Selecting the cyclenetworks layer will result in routes that are part of cycleroutes which will be nicer, more quiet etc. then shortest/fastest.
  3. Fastest/Shortest/Queitest
  4. 4.0 4.1 4.2 4.3 Under development.
  5. See instructions for submitting a localization. Localizations currently include German, Chinese, Russian, Romanian, Dutch and Vietnamese.
  6. Translations possible but few available.
  7. Potentially in the future.