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This is a comparison of OSM public transit route data with HSL subway transit data (via generated by a script.

See also subway validator.

Summary of subway transit in HSL region.

2 lines in OSM.

4 lines in HSL.

0 lines in OSM but not in HSL
2 lines in HSL but not in OSM

M1B, M2B

0 lines without a 'ref' tag

Old lines

0 routes with type 'was:route=subway'
0 routes with type 'disused:route=subway'

HSL subway lines in OSM

This table compares HSL subway routes with OSM routes. The checker uses Refined public transport schema as a reference.

Direction 0 Direction 1
Route Master Match OSM HSL Tags Shape Platf. OSM HSL Tags Shape Platf.
M1 7664663 maybe 2390282 HSL:31M1:0:01 OK 100% 27/27 2390310 HSL:31M1:1:02 OK 99% 27/27
M2 7664664 Uniq. 2390349 HSL:31M2:0:01 OK 100% 19/19 2390370 HSL:31M2:1:01 OK 100% 19/19

2 lines total.

0 lines with differences.


3 route pattern(s) in HSL data, matching may be wrong.

2390282 -> HSL:31M1:0:01
2390310 -> HSL:31M1:1:02
HSL:31M1:0:01 -> 2390282
HSL:31M1:1:01 -> None
HSL:31M1:1:02 -> 2390310