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Turku, Finland

latitude: 60.45, longitude: 22.25
Browse map of Turku 60°27′00.00″ N, 22°15′00.00″ E
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Turku is a city in Finland at latitude 60°27′00.00″ North, longitude 22°15′00.00″ East.


  • Turku/Åbo is a two language municipality so every street and most other related features have both Finnish and Swedish names. Both of these must be properly tagged for a feature to be considered complete. Ja sama suomeksi, och samma på svenska.
  • Highways are tagged according to their type/numbering with some exceptions

Data sources

City of Turku

The City of Turku has issued a waiver allowing use of its CC-BY 4.0 map data for OpenStreetMap[1]


Bing covers Turku with high resultion aerial images (way 87288825) from summer 2008 with a zoom level dept until 19. The area covers also Raisio, Kaarina and Naantali. For other Bing coverage in Finland, see Bing/Coverage#Finland.

Data coverage

Major Roads around Turku

  • All major roads are complete: Valtatie 1/E18, Valtatie 8/E8, Valtatie 9/E63, Valtatie 10, 40, 110, 222, 1821.

Municipality and suburb borders

Turun suuralueet.png

There are currently no exact borders. Request to the city has been made to get city borders, unfortunately the request was denied.

Approximated borders with wards has been re-engineered from Wikipedia "Wards of Turku" with a low resolution border map: http://warper.geothings.net/maps/preview/2177 Accuracy is not good enough to be mapped, but should give you some picture of suburb and ward borders.

Wards of Turku

The city of Turku, is divided into nine wards (suuralueet in Finnish, storområden in Swedish), which are further divided into 78 districts (see Districts of Turku). The ward division does not always follow district boundaries.

  1.           City Centre (Keskusta/Centrum)
  2.           Hirvensalo-Kakskerta
  3.           Uittamo-Skanssi (Uittamo - Skansen)
  4.           Itäharju-Varissuo (Österås - Kråkkärret)
  5.           Koroinen (Korois)
  6.           Tampereentie (Tammerforsvägen)
  7.           Kuninkoja
  8.           Naantalintie (Nådendalsvägen)
  9.           Maaria-Paattinen (S:t Marie - Patis)


  • Almost all pubs/bars/dance places in the city center added, some small ones missing.
  • Most Pharmacies in city center added
  • Major supermarkets added


  • Bus routes
  • Cycle routes. There are plenty of official cycle route in Turku and to neighboring municipalities. Work is in progress to get these on the map.
    • The City of Turku has also theme based routes.

Road features

Roads features should also be tagged properly, for examples lanes, maxspeed and turn restrictions. Some of these have been added, but many are still missing.


Most of these have been added as suburbs (as nodes only, borders are missing), some might still be missing.

A - M

Citydistrict/Kaupunginosa Tiet/Streets Pyörätiet/Cycleways Comments
Artukainen/Artukais ? ?
Halinen/Hallis 100% ~50% Pyöräteistä puuttuu.
Harittu 5% ?
Hepokulta ? ?
Hirvensalo 10%
Härkämäki ? ?
Ilpoinen/Ilpois 5% ?
Ispoinen/Ispois 100% ?
Iso-Heikkilä 100% 100% Complete
Itäharju/Österås ~95% ~10% Puuttuu: kevyt liikenne, Mikkolanmäen polut
Jyrkkälä ? ?
Jäkärlä ? ?
Kakskerta 5% Big road around done. All small roads are missing.
Kastu ? ?
Katariina 5% ?
Keskusta ~99% 100% Pretty much complete, some service roads missing
Kohmo 99% 5% A few roads to new housing is missing, otherwise pretty complete.
Koivula 90% 10% A few names missing, otherwise almost complete
Koroinen ? ?
Kupittaa 99% 100% Pretty much complete
Kurala ? ?
Kurjenmäki 99% ? Pretty much complete
Kähäri ? ?
Kärsämäki ? ?
Lauste ~95% ~95% Pretty much complete, service roads missing
Luolavuori 90% 99% Pretty much complete, some service roads missing
Maaria ? ?
Majakkaranta 99% ? Pretty much complete, some service roads missing
Martti ? ?
Metsämäki ? ?
Moisio ? ?
Mälikkälä ? ?
Mäntymäki ? ?

N - Y

Citydistrict/Kaupunginosa Tiet/Streets Pyörätiet/Cycleways Comments
Nummi/Nummis 98% 100% Pretty much complete, some service roads missing
Oriketo 100% 50%
Paattinen/Patis ? ?
Pahaniemi 100% 100% Complete
Pansio 95% Pretty much complete, some service roads missing
Peltola ~80% Almost complete. Peltolan siirtolapuutarha.
Perno ? ?
Pihlajaniemi/Rönnudden ? ?
Pitkämäki/Långbacka ? ?
Pohjola/Norrstan ? ?
Port Arthur 99% 100% Missing name:sv for a couple roads, otherwise roads are complete
Puistomäki ? ?
Pääskyvuori/Svalberga 95% ? Missing a couple names.
Raunistula 50% Almost all roads, needs names
Ruissalo 20% Major road, some small roads
Runosmäki/Runosbacken 80% 80% Almost complete
Ruohonpää ? ?
Räntämäki 99% 60%
Satava 95% ? Pretty much complete, some service roads missing
Teräsrautela ? ?
Tortinmäki ?
Uittamo 85% 0% Most major roads. Cycleways and names missing.
Urusvuori ? ?
Vaala/Svalas 90% 90% Pretty much complete. Missing almost all Swedish names.
Varissuo/Kråkkärret 90% 90% Pretty much complete. Missing almost all Swedish names.
Vasaramäki ? ?
Vähäheikkilä 90% ?
Vätti ? ?
Ylioppilaskylä/Studentbyn 95% 10% Most streets are in place, names are missing
Yli-Maaria ? ?

Quality Assurance

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