Flyer Fahrradbusse in Sachsen

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Detail of Fahrradbusse in Sachsen (ADFC Sachsen)
Map for printing on A3 paper
Folded A3 paper (cover), pdf here

Fahrradbusse in Sachsen is a map of Saxony showing bus routes with extended carriage of bicycles. It is the main part of a flyer published June 2015 by the non-profit-making German bicycle organization ADFC Sachsen. The map is mainly based on OSM-data and was created using Maperitive. It features hill shading and a custom style.


  • Maperitive was used for rendering. Scale factor 6. Print resolution 600 dpi.
  • Maperitive was chosen mainly because it allows for easy creation of hill shading
  • A custom .mrules-file was created.
  • Map sources are ~185 .osm-files:
    • Individually selected railway lines
    • Bus routes (some from OSM, some roughly traced using JOSM)
    • Water
    • Custom labels
    • Administrative borders
    • Bicycle routes (SachsenNetzRad from SMWA, available as Shapefiles), converted using JOSM-plugin Import/Shapefile


  • Hill shading with the command: generate-relief-igor intensity=3
  • Typical command for rendering with maperitive :export-bitmap width=1677 height=1193 zoom=9.25 scale=6 file=D:\karte600.png
  • A custom map key was created and added using external programs.

custom .mrules-file

  • TODO (ask if interested)

Two ways to get data for rendering

  • Getting water bodies using Overpass API:
    • Data from Overpass API needs to be sorted before it can be used with Maperitive. Use osmosis for this: osmosis --read-xml file="water.osm" --sort type="TypeThenId" --write-xml file="water-sorted.osm"
  • Getting water bodies using OSM extract from bbbike:
    • Get pbf-extract from
    • osmconvert sachsenraw.pbf -o=sachsenraw.o5m
    • osmfilter sachsenraw.o5m --keep="natural=water waterway=riverbank waterway=river" -o=water.o5m
    • osmconvert water.o5m -o=water.osm


We are grateful for the data and the tools provided by the OpenStreetMap community. We do what we can to spread the word about OSM. Feel free to ask any questions about the creation of the flyer - preferable via the Talk page. I would supply more source code if needed. The flyer is available for free from the ADFC office in Dresden.