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The following core values of the foundation, and of the OpenStreetMap community in general, were drafted in 2010/2011 and reaffirmed in 2020.

  • Assume good intent on the part of other mappers
  • Open to all within the spirit of the Open Definition
  • Ground-truthed data is the USP of OSM and always preferred
  • The software running the core of OSM is open-source
  • Do-ocracy. We value and listen to those who make OSM amazing, whether it be through coding or mapping. We iterate towards excellence rather than spending years in planning. Actions speak louder than words.
  • Decentralised. OSM is not a hierarchical organisation; almost everything can be done without need for central sanction or even post-hoc approval.
  • Remember that you are mapping in a large community - don't be jealous about "your" contributions and do be prepared to engage with other mappers.
  • Our most important goal is to make excellent maps geo-data available as widely as possible for free
  • We aim for the geo-data collected to be accessible and easy to work with for both data contributors as well as data users.

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