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The Import Support Working Group was a group formed by the foundation to facilitate the import of data into OpenStreetMap. It was intended as a dating service between those who have found data, those who can convince people to give it to OSM and those who could do the technical work of importing it. It could have also been a group in charge of encouraging imports to be carried out carefully and correctly in accordance with the guidelines, or even for dealing with related disputes. For procedures and contact information related to this now, see handling bad imports

Status - Closed

This working group is effectively closed after enthusiasm for conference calls died out. Reasons for the working group are still valid perhaps, and so it could be restarted if volunteers were found to do so.


Membership of the working group was never finalised. See attendee lists in the minutes of the following conference calls.


The working group communicates by conference call, email list and meetings.

An imports email list was established in July 2009 and anyone can read the archive and subscribe

Conference call - 10 September 2010

The first conference call took place on Thursday 10 September 2009. See /Minutes 2009-09-10. In summary the meeting was an initial introduction for interested participants. We made decisions on communications approach to be used (decided mainly the imports email list), and preliminary discussion approaches to follow for imports. Various imports are to be investigated.

Conference call - 22nd September 2010

The second conference call took place on Tuesday 22 September 2009. See /Minutes 2009-09-22. A few different people attending this time. Discussion around import tools. Merging data sets, compact contributions. Buildings and addresses. Effect of imports on community. Wiki documentation of tools and guidelines (Import pages)

Conference call - 8th October and 22nd Oct 2010 - Cancelled

No moderator appeared to start the call on both these occasions.