Foundation/Import Support Working Group/Minutes 2009-09-22

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Meeting notes

Those interested in imports, data sets and tools met for their second conference call on Tuesday, 22 September 2009


  • Richard Weait
  • Kate Chapman - Active in DC.
  • Harry Wood -
  • Emilie Lafray -
  • Stephen Vogel -
  • Andrzej Zaborowski - OSM contributor in Poland.
  • Serge Wroclawski - also active in DC community. Just listening for this call.


  • Steve Coast

Next conference call

Thursday, 8 Oct - same time. proposed for next call - passed with no objections.


Old business / old actions

Emilie - still working on Corine script and so it is not published yet. Import may start this week! Update to list and wiki when ready.

Harry - Andy working on analyzing an import . - importance of rejecting low quality data sets.

Harry - keeping an eye on Import/Guidelines and Import/Software

Import tools and methods

Emilie - Discussed using QGIS and OpenJUMP for evaluating data sets. QGIS good for evaluating data v1.3 has OSM plugin. Previously used OpenJump but will possibly switch.

Steven - using QGIS

Harry - anybody using shp files in josm? - nobody on this call currently using josm shapefile plugin.

Emilie - built review layer before import to bring attention to trouble areas before import. Potential import data in place, on top of true OSM data, for evaluation. (See [1] for example - then disable "corine-import" overlay)

Emilie - also notified bordering communities where Corine data overlaps border. Goal is to have zero impact on casual users.

Harry - Congrats! Good job.

Kate - agrees.

Emilie - osm2pgsql is creating some bad polygons in postGIS. Patch to come.

Merging data sets, compact contributions

Emilie - Isn't there a relation maker script that merges nodes and duplicate way to create minimal, correct relation boundaries.

Richard - See [Frederik Ramm post to dev] with lots of details and code.

Emilie - Looking to create interface / tool to do this.

Emilie - common limitation of import shape files is the duplicated nodes and ways.

Buildings and addresses

Steven - buildings and addresses, What is the best way to represent a building polygon with addressing?

Harry - add addr: tag to building polygon is best.

Kate and Emilie using this method in their data sets.

Effect of imports on community

Harry - Now adding more warnings to wiki about not using bulk tools without testing and technical knowledge.

Harry - perhaps a document that describes small vs large imports and obligations for each.

Emilie - "Corrine is just forests" but it is pointing out areas where towns are not mapped.

Harry - Matt has two blog posts on the effect of imports on the community.

Emilie - Recognizes possibility of negative effect.

Kate - has heard, "it's already mapped" That's why we mapped the zoo.

Steven - concurred

Emilie - suggests mapping zoos and golf courses as eye candy to attract community.

Wiki guidelines

Harry - Import/Guidelines: only mentions importing source tag, should it be added to changeset.  ?

Emilie - source tags on corrinne polys required by agreement.

Harry - probably not just changeset. Too hard too see for future editor. Changesets allow tags. Editors don't allow users to do freeform editing of these, but import scripts can add any tags needed.

Andrew - can we add what tags beside "source" do people add to changesets?

Harry - I think NaPTAN/Import is a good example. Will check and document.

Upload duration and resources

Emilie - Corrine upload will take a couple of weeks. Important to go object by object. Bulk upload by bulk upload user. Followup individual uploads by individual users..

Harry - restate keep server loads in mind.

Bidirectional data sharing

Richard - What about bi-directional data sharing with a project that contributes data to OpenStreetMap. From Import/Catalogue we see USGS GNIS and "The lead plans on feeding changes back to GNIS, making this nominally a two-way connection"

Kate - looking at that in DC. Seems complex.

Harry - Well we spit out the data for free. What are the expectations?

Steven - aren't they looking for corrections?

Harry - The import group should be aware of license details. We can't grant any extra permissions outside of what is permitted by the license.

Richard - Should License Group weigh in on this?

Other business

Kate - Safe Software makes GIS software that reads and writes OSM formats and are considering donating some licenses. Kate will advise them of next import call.


Notes recorded by Richard. Errors with apologies.