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In this page we are coordinating the project of a local chapter for Cuba in OpenStreetMap OSM-Cuba. At the moment we are just putting together all the material we have available.

The next step

The following are the starting point : this might not be exactly the order...but you can add, improve and discuss it, please feel free to share any doubts.

  • Join to our own mailing list
  • Manage the acquisition of the new domain (for this task we need a Legal Person to look at the register of CubaNic [1].
  • Formalize the Cuban Society of OpenStreetMap as a not-for-profit organization.
  • Identify/acquire data sources to continue editing.
    • Free Cartography ?
    • Satellite images and aerial pictures.
    • Printed maps
    • ¿?

How can you participate?

You can participate in many different ways: the classic OSM one is contributing/editing the maps;there are also alternatives ways which are used most of the time due to our very special conditions.

  • Editing/Contributing with maps directly to OSM
  • Improving what we have.
  • Helping recompile traces or points of interest (walking Garmin)
  • Drawing sketches with the details of a familiar location
  • Translating the documentation
  • Talking about OSM with your friends, in the street, in the bus...
  • Contributing ideas
  • Helping implement the projects
  • Simply remaining vigilant
  • Inviting other to participate
  • ¿?

Project ideas

In the future we will announce some ideas or projects that we would like to achieve... we have to start at least getting the ideas out there, later on if we can make them is another story.

  • OSM-Postal: It is all about taking OSM to the masses, for all of those out there without an internet connection, or those who can not contribute using the traditional way. It is based in the Waking-Papers principle.
  • Walking out with Garmina:
  • ¿?


  • ¿?


Cuban Mailing List in Spanish Language: