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The Code of Conduct Committee has been integrated into the OpenStreetMap US Governance Committee as of October 2022. More information on this transition, including an FAQ, can be found in the announcement blog post here.


Members led the efforts to foster a safe and respectful OpenStreetMap US community through review and expansion of the Code of Conduct that now applies to OpenStreetMap US communication channels and events, and moderation of Code of Conduct complaints.

Past Members

This committee consisted of the following volunteers:

  • Jonah Adkins*
  • Emily Eros*
  • Erica Hagen
  • Daniela Waltersdorfer*
  • Clifford Snow

*= Code of Conduct Members transitioned to the OpenStreetMap US Governance Committee


The Code of Conduct Committee is now integrated into the larger OpenStreetMap US Governance Committee. However, please continue to use the following contact information for matters regarding the OpenStreetMap US Code of Conduct.

Code of Conduct

In May 2020, OpenStreetMap U.S. adopted a code of conduct and moderation process prepared by the CoC Committee and reviewed by the U.S. community: