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OpenStreetMap US is an organization anyone can join to connect with other mappers or institutional data users. Our members range from mapping enthusiasts who want to contribute their knowledge of their local communities to geodata experts who bring technical skills to the creation of the map and professional users who leverage OpenStreetMap data commercially.

The purpose of this page is to develop a designated group of volunteers who actually enjoys and wants to enhance communication. The desire is to create a lot of value through these efforts. Here are some of the ideas to work on:

  • How do we develop casually engaged US mappers?
  • How do we create succession planning when engaged US mappers no longer have time to support the US Board or other actives.
  • Please add more ideas here.

Start Thinking ...

This is a wiki page. Let's just start adding thoughts here. Let's not use the Discussion page. Let's work through it here.

Owners and Mentors

  • Luis Villa
  • Paul Norman


This page originates from the US Mailing List. You can find the original founding charter idea on the US Mailing List. The main thread that starts the charter is also on the US Mailing List.