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OpenStreetMap US board meeting October 22, 2012

Google Hangout


  • Treasurer: Randy Hale, confirmed with four thumbs
  • President: Martijn van Exel, confirmed with four thumbs
  • Secretary: Alex Barth, confirmed with four thumbs
  • Vice president: Jim McAndrew, cofirmed with four thumbs
  • At large: John Novak, confirmed with four thumbs

501 c3

  • $2,000 reapproved for any fees
  • Alex will share ETA on 501c3 status by Monday

Working Groups

  • We won’t revive them for reviving’s sake
  • Discussion on web site relaunch
  • Alex wants to work on this later in the year if no one else kicks this off until then
  • Discussion on analytics
  • We all have access
  • Make it a regular part of meeting to decide on blog posts
  • Meeting minutes go into Wiki


  • Richard Welty recommends
  • Make executive committee formal in standing rules
  • Pull in Bonnie for chairing a SOTM-us committee
  • Standing rules are not formalized?

SOTM timing

  • Richard: Get RFP for SOTM 2013 going early
  • Alex: place SOTM us in first half of the year to position well w/ Int’l conference
  • Martijn: window of opportunity for first half is closing, maybe closed.
  • RFP last year went out in early December for October.
  • Announcement in January
  • Started organizing in August?
  • Call for papers in May


  • about $15k in account, there is money

Next actions

  • Alex will work out a SOTM-US 2013 schedule with Bonnie and submit to board mailing list.
  • Jim will draft Blog post announcing roles
  • Martijn will look into formalizing standing rules.
  • Alex will ask Bonnie whether she’d chair a SOTM-US committee
  • Next week quick 15 minute google hangout on Monday, Martijn schedules
  • Next main board meeting in November, Alex will send out doodle. This time we will invite former board members more formally to get their lessons learned and recommendations.