Foundation/Local Chapters/United States/Minutes-2012-10-29

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This was a short 30 minute check-in meeting.


  • Martijn van Exel
  • Jim McAndrew
  • John Novak
  • Alex Barth
  • Richard Welty (non-board)

Ongoing action items

  • Alex: 501 c 3, get papers from Steven, start process with accountant or lawyer
  • Alex: Kick off an email chain on SOTM-2013 planning w/ Bonnie, Martijn, Alex on it (who else wanted to be on this chain?)
  • Martijn: get domain sorted
  • Martijn: keep discussion going on best way to consolidate conversation about OSM in the US
  • Martijn: plan hangout for next week
  • Martijn: propose action items platform
  • John: Contact Red Cross Representative
  • John: Contact Charlotte re newsletter
  • John: Contact City of SF