Foundation/Local Chapters/United States/Minutes-2012-11-05

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  • Martijn Exel
  • John Novak
  • Richard Welty


  • Alex has received the OSM US paperwork now, will start 501c3 paperwork with Bonnie this week.
  • Randal is in touch with Steve Coast on transferring ownership over to the US chapter
  • We'll start SOTM 2013 planning, Bonnie is tasked with coming up with a list of potential locations
    • SOTM 2013 should be as affordable as possible for community members
    • We'd love to have stipends for prolific mappers who can't afford to come out otherwise
  • Difficult mapper discussion
    • Martijn will get in touch with DWG to learn more about how users are technically banned
    • There was an open discussion on account stratification
    • A quicker, official more coordinated response of the board could have been helpful, but we haven't gotten together to discuss this issue as it was developing
    • For the future, each board member should feel compelled to call for a quick board huddle if a coordinated response seems called for.
    • Open discussion on how to improve a conflict resolution process.
  • Discussion on better community communications
    • Can discussion locations be unified? Right now we are on talk-us, facebook, neither seems like an ideal solution
    • A forum on while technically possible, does not seem to be the right solution

Ongoing action items

  • 501 c 3. Alex - get accountant or lawyer to file
  • SOTM-US Alex - Bonnie will pull together a list of potential venues
  • Martijn - look into DWG process