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Review by board members pending.


  • Martijn van Exel
  • Randy Hale
  • Jim McAndrew
  • John Novak
  • Alex Barth


These are OpenStreetMap US’ goals for 2013 based on our Jan 25 strategy meeting:

  • Continue to ramp up communications on blog
    • Blog state side and important int’l OSM activities
    • Feature local mapping events
    • Respond to outside topics
  • Focus on launching a good SOTM 2013
  • Get one or two pan-US mapping events like the Jan 26 event going
  • Organize an OSM data hack weekend (we should set a date for this soon).
  • Expand and improve on q/a tools like maproulette
  • Relaunch
  • Hit important events (ESRI? FOSS4GNA?)
  • Push on membership drive
  • Get 501c3
  • Get outside help to build this organization
  • Recruit future board members
  • Rock SOTM.US


In rough order, aggregated mostly by person.


  • “community is central” “we need to take our own approach” “data driven communities”. More visual, more tangible what we can fix.
  • mappy hour
  • we need to professionalize
  • There was a bunch more, did not catch everything
  • OSM data hack weekend? YES!

John Novak:

  • MapRoulette is a promosing approach, capture results
  • capture these results, do media work around it
  • “capturing the progress we’ve made is a big enabler [for fundraising]”
  • succession planning, who should be also on board?
  • How can we facilitate building Q/A apps? Could there be an OSM-US data app platform?

Jim McAndrew

  • Work closer with agencies who could be contributing data / work w/ OSM
  • The press outreach that thea was doing was great, how impactful was it? It did allow us to build the community in Atlanta?
  • Fundraising?
  • Can we get people on board who can build organizations?
  • Get Telenav’s HP Jin for a mentoring hour


  • I’d like to push membership
  • Get to a 20k in the bank
  • “attention horing is good”


  • Blogging / PR / Events
  • Relaunch
  • Kick ass SOTM US (convene community of individual mappers + biz community)
  • Feature Q/A tools like Maproulette or TIGER offset map

Random ideas

  • Should we have interns?
  • Should we do MapUSA?
  • Should we do more hack weekends? At sotm us?
  • Should we do a mapping bus?
  • Launch an annual progress report?

Potential staff, blue sky, post - 2013

  • Communications/outreach/PR lead
  • Data team
  • Q/A
  • Import assistance
  • Annual report, stats
  • Measuring events
  • Fund raiser