Foundation/Local Chapters/United States/Minutes-2013-09-24

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  • Martijn van Exel
  • John Novak
  • Jim McAndrew
  • Alex Barth


  • Discussed inbound business opportunities. We will take on inbound requests and pass them on to interested parties. Requests come in to all board members, board pledges to pass on requests to appropriate parties. Some requests are sent with the expectation to be confidential, so we cannot commit to a full disclosure policy.
  • Discussed lessons for SOTM-US from SOTM Birmingham. We want to stay focused on using SOTM US as an outward facing, inviting conference for anybody potentially interested in OSM, this is the key to diversity and growth. But we want to work even harder to turn out existing community members, many of who didn't show up at last SOTM US.
  • Martijn will touch base with Richard Welty on elections prep.
  • Blog usability. Alex will help Martijn get out existing blog post out, will set up + document, board will assess next steps then.

Next meeting

Next board meeting again at regular time on Monday, 30th 8PM Eastern