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  • Martijn van Exel
  • John Novak
  • Jim McAndrew
  • Alex Barth
  • Guest: Richard welty


  • Finances: Books are with Bonnie now, next Monday we will
    • Have what we need for a better accountant to close out 2010-2012
    • Know next step to file 501c3 and be ready to take it
    • Conference will be closed out.
  • Elections
    • Pay up on a survey monkey membership
    • Do an extract of member emails of membership system (Richard can do this)
    • Less than hour work from pulling the addresses
    • Email for sending out to membership list
    • Email to talk-us
    • Richard draft email to members, circulate by
    • Martijn organizes 2 more election monitors
  • Alex sends out reminder on elections and memberships
  • Martijn sends out reminder for sotm-us locations

Next meeting

Next board meeting again at regular time on Monday, Oct 7th 8PM Eastern