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  • Ian Dees
  • Kathleen Danielson
  • Mele Sax-Barnett
  • Alex Barth

Martijn Van Exel traveling


  • Decide on amended election rules based on recommendations of this years election lead
    • Officially extend voting to a week-long period (Wiki only says 48 hours) (vote 4/4 yes)
    • Cut off date for new or extended memberships in order to be eligible to vote is 24 hours before the election (vote 4 yes out of 4)
    • Notify everyone of a cut-off date for joining OSM US to be able to vote in the election (a voter registration deadline, if you would) (vote: 4 yes out of 4)
    • Require candidate nominations to be submitted 24 hours before election start (vote: 4 yes out of 4)
    • We will continue to not require that candidates turn in statements (manifests) or turn them in at a specific time ahead of election start (consensus here, no vote)
    • Formalize 1 election lead, 2 election observers, none of them a nominee nor a member of outgoing board
  • Alex drafts election procedures based on above votes and gets it ready for review next week
  • The following items are recommendations for next elections only
    • Consider abandoning SurveyMonkey and switching to something else (Limesurvey?) because of delays & email issues as described below
    • Make sure wiki guidelines for the election match how the election is actually done, by using one guidelines page and a template for creating each election's wiki page
  • Chicago and NYC SOTM-US research ongoing
  • Kathleen kicking off consolidating financials w/ Bonnie this week

Next meeting

Next board meeting again at regular time on Monday, Nov 18th 8PM Eastern.