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  • Martijn van Exel
  • Melelani Sax-Barnett
  • Ian Dees
  • Kathleen Danielson
  • Alex Barth


Supporting OSM communities

  • What is the OSM US community?
  • Meetup group funding
    • Investigate sponsorship through Meetup
  • Creating educational materials for how to contribute and how to use OSM data
  • Editathons and code sprints (coordinated events)
  • Conflict management
  • Spotting and welcoming new mappers
  • Collaborating with other local chapters around the world


  • Creating a 'getting started with your local community' package / page (either / both)
  • Is paying for meetup groups and swag really good value for money / effort?
  • Perhaps more impactful to hold editathon training hangouts/chats?
  • Building local communities means investing in core/founding/deeply-involved members and helping them branch out
  • Don't forget about institutional members of the community (National Park Service, Census, etc.)
  • When there's dispute in the OSM community, OSM US is it not in a good position to arbitrate (requires real-time communication, might require very local decisions be made)
    • Don't try to make decisions, but help people make decisions themselves
    • As board members, we should be good role models

Action items

  • Invesitgate sponsorship., try for zero-cost-to-us, reduced cost to meetup organizers (Ian)
  • Editathon how-to materials
  • Editathon prep session on hangout
  • Materials/guides for institutional groups -- how to get involved, use the data, and work with the existing community
  • (Carefully) ask to be kept in the loop on US-based DWG cases

Growing the Community

  • Diversity
  • Women/underrepresented groups in OSM
    • OPW internship?
  • OSM courseware / supporting bringing OSM into the classroom
  • Communications: highlight interesting examples of OSM usage and collaborations with other groups
  • More speaking gigs for board members
  • Balancing the interests of new vs veteran mappers.


  • Who are we missing from the community/what do we want it to be?
  • Can/should institutions/companies be formal members? (no)
  • Interviews/comms to highlight what institutions are doing with OSM so that other organizations know that others are
  • Take proactive approach to increasing diversity -- how do we make this actionable?
  • OPW internship - we need to come up with the money but it's highly visible
  • Diversity mailinglist might have more ideas
  • Codes of conduct for SOTMUS & talk-us / other us lists
  • Diversity through more education?
  • Sell the SOTM.US conference to a wider audience
    • Workshops have a great beginners track, but sessions are built for OSM insiders
    • Solicit sessions for beginners and from women/minorities/diverse viewpoints

Action Items

  • Come up with blogging plan showcasing interesting OSM uses institutional and individual (Alex)
  • As we get into SOTM US planning phase, further investigate how to make the conference more inclusive & solicit diverse talks
  • Revisit SOTM code of conduct, think about codes of conduct for the US mailing lists
  • Send a post to talk-us reminding the list about the rules Ian moderates by (Ian)
  • Encourage other moderators to follow the lead (Ian)
  • Look at best practices (Linux Kernel?)
  • Investigate a list / communication mode for members of the US Chapter

Map completion goals/targets

  • Supporting imports / the importing process?


  • MapRoulette and Battlegrid give people a shared goal with a completion point
  • Use stuff like this as fodder for editathons
  • Revive project of the week / month for the US?
  • Prizes / (traveling) trophies for achievements


  • Ian and Martijn should talk about MapRoulette hosting
  • Martijn was interested in putting some time in to revive project of the week


How do we make the conference more inclusive?


  • How we can sollicit more real bids for SOTM 2015 and onwards?
  • Make our expectations really clear


  • Board should discuss how to make more call for proposals more effective.

Get the house in order

  • Finances
  • Membership management?
  • Local Chapter status w/ LWG


  • Face-to-face is not ruled out as a possibility financially, but we should have a reason to meet face-to-face
  • Get formal local chapter status
  • Collaborate with other local chapters


  • Table face-to-face meeting discussion until after SOTM plans solidified
  • Alex to look at LWG info and report back
  • Martijn to fwd next LWG WG meeting to Alex √DONE muhaha