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  • Ian
  • Martijn
  • Alex
  • Eleanor


State of the Map US announcement

  • There's a blog post waiting
  • Henk wants to wait until Sunday to announce the SOTMs
  • He wants to announce the full calendar for next year at the same time.
  • Henk wants to consider "combining forces" to make NY instead of just
  • There will be some vacuum in SOTM coordination that we could fill
  • Combining forces means OSMF doesn't get money
  • It makes more sense to announce this as a US-specific event and negotiate the OSMF part later (at SOTM in Argentina)
  • Alex: we should announce it as SOTM US soon so we don't steal OSMF's thunder at the beginning of
  • Eleanor: I'm ok with announcing now, but I don't want to break a commitment. What was the conversation with Henk like?
  • Martijn: I feel a stronger sentiment for announcing it now
  • Alex: Here's the ask:
  • Martijn: I've got some comments on the blog post
  • Alex: Sending a note to Henk


  • Martijn will make sure the accountants have everything before he leaves for South America
  • The tickets that are open
  • Alex will look at 23, Eleanor will work on text in 26