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  • Alyssa
  • Eleanor
  • Alex
  • Martijn (notes)


  • alyssa gives an update on her recovery which is going well. She is getting back on track with email backlog and getting on Github etc.
  • Randy remains a good intermediary
  • Alex, Ian or Martijn can do onboarding with Alyssa at any time.


  • Accountant: 2013 is fileable with an 990-EZ instead of 990-N
  • Ian is on getting 2013 bank statements needed to complete 2013 books.
  • 3 months are missing.
  • This still needs to be completed soonest because we need to make sure we are actually within
  • Alyssa asks about the numbers for previous years to get some insight in past practice. Going forward, we can consider giving


  • Let's defer until Ian can make it.
  • Alyssa asks if there is a formal decision process, and description of roles. We discuss briefly how the decision process went in the past.
  • Alex points to the Chapter wiki, where Articles and Bylaws are posted (that should contain role definition)


  • Steve All requested we request the use of AASHTO data in OSM.
  • Data is out there but not with compatible license.
  • Alyssa - is this N-American? Yes, US data.
  • Martijn says to be careful not to endorse this particular dataset for mapping or import.
  • Process would be for us to vote on whether we want to do this, then send a letter and request this permission.
  • This could be a test case for a standard course of action in these cases.
  • This is the form we'd send:
  • Should we be this specific in the description of use? Concerned that it might
  • Alex proposes to vote on sending this form. Unanymous thumbs up.
  • Alex will send form


  • Alex and Martijn give their take on SOTM in Argentina. Diverse, fun, but small (~160ppl) and with similar ambition level / professionalism as the past years.
  • South America as neighbors, should we collaborate more?
  • Coordination becomes more important as the number of events increases. Talks with Henk an LatAm will continue on that topic.
  • More SOTM talk soon, Ian, Martijn please fill out doodle


  • No blog yet, should we do one?
  • We should announce the OSM-specific and other Geo week events.
  • Eleanor will write blog post.

Other business

  • Martijn to install IRC connector for Slack.
  • Martijn to set up weekly cal invite for 5PM EST.