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  • Eleanor
  • Ian
  • Martijn



  • Ian reconciled Regions, and Paypal accounts
  • There's still Wells Fargo / Wachovia accounts that need to get statements for
  • Last Ian heard, the ball is in Keri's court
  • Ian sent an e-mail to Keri to double-check on status
  • Wouldn't hurt to hurry the 501(c)3 along for SOTM US sponsorships
  • Try doing a real business bank account
  • We need to find a new debit card/credit card that draws from OSM US before SOTM US
  • Martijn to look at opening a business account to solve the above


  • Is there another good day for the next map-a-thon?
  • Ian wants to do a image detection for swimming pools but he hasn't had the time to do it yet
  • Martijn wants to do a trail mapping session towards the start of the hiking season
  • What about a ski resort mapping theme?
  • Eleanor: we do hyper-local stuff anyway, do we want to set a national theme?
  • Martijn: a theme helps with talking points
  • Code Across is mid-February?
  • Let's announce a weekend on the mailling list maybe?


  • Might be a good time to start thinking about content
  • Highlight a mapper, have people write about their local mapping
  • Martijn to talk to: Steven Johnson just did OSM Geo Week
  • Ian to talk to: Mikel and Kate and the HOT conference
  • Eleanor to talk about local stuff in her area
  • Let's open a ticket and talk about who to reach out to
  • Let's try to get something out between the holidays

Time slot Double-check the time slot for the OSM US meeting with Alex and Alyssa