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Ian Alyssa (via phone) Alex Martijn Eleanor



  • President, Secretary, Treasurer are the official ones
  • At-Large and Vice-President are the other ones
  • Role definitions:
  • Treasurer: Responsible for day to day book keeping and making sure we file our taxes at the end of the year
  • Secretary: Making sure that the meetings are run and that meeting notes and minutes are posted
  • President: Don't think there's any special formal responsibilities
  • Martijn suggests Alyssa as President
  • Is happy to continue being Secretary
  • Alyssa is happy to do secretary or president.
  • Alex likes Alyssa as president (because of votes), Ian as treasurer, Alex is happy to be secretary
  • Eleanor likes Alyssa as president
  • Ian moves to appoint Alyssa as president, Alex seconds. 5 yeas, 0 nos, 0 abstains.
  • Alex moves to appoint Ian as treasurer, Eleanor seconds. 5 yeas, 0 nos, 0 abstains.
  • Alex moves to appoint Martijn as secretary, Alyssa seconds, 5 yeas, 0 nos, 0 abstains.
  • Eleanor as at-large
  • Alex as vice-president
  • Vote for both: 5 yeas, 0 nos, 0 abstains.

Goals for the term

  • Would love to take more time for this, so lets
  • Alyssa feels like she doesn't fully understand our role as a group
  • Alex suggests starting a ticket so that when we get on the phone next time we have a more focused discussion
  • Let's just do it next week

Quick SOTM update

  • Alyssa talked to Carto DB and is waiting for a nailed down timeline
  • Alex has been working on SOTM US 2015 with Tristan and should be able to share it tomorrow


  • Alex would like us to look at F1023 budget outlook that he put together for Mark Diskin
  • Ian should double-check the numbers
  • The categorization isn't perfect, but we don't need it to be
  • Ian also needs to look at the balance sheet for 2013

Old bank accounts

  • Ian's trying to figure out balances for the Wells Fargo accounts
  • Went to talk to a local Wells Fargo banker and need to get Thea to call them

Other stuff: Newsletter: Martijn would love to pick that up again next week London: Alex was in London. OSM US could be collecting the funds in the US that want to donate to OSM. Alex will write a blog post about the selection of roles We'll have meeting on Thursday or Friday to talk about SOTM US design