Foundation/Local Chapters/United States/Minutes-2014-12-09

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  • Martijn
  • Alyssa
  • Randy Meech
  • Ian
  • Alex (via phone)
  • Eleanor


Goals for the board

  • Let's continue the discussion on Github
  • Alyssa would love to see 5 goals before the end of the year

SOTM US Design

  • Martijn: The CartoDB had a bit more personality, but the Tristan one is
  • Alyssa: CartoDB reflects the New York theme nicely, fits the "Made in NY"
  • Ian: Liked the colors from Tristan, CartoDB is a pretty nice logo
  • Alex: CartoDB layout is not as well put together
  • Randy: Like the CartoDB logo, will send an e-mail because I have to drop off
  • Alyssa: Summary-- Randy had a good feedback loop with CartoDB, there was one concern that we couldn't hear.
  • Alyssa: Liked the lightness, optimism in the CartoDB logo.
  • Alex: Should I go back to Tristan, can we work with CartoDB's logo?
  • Alyssa: That would be amazing. CartoDB is in support of working together.
  • Eleanor: We credit both firms for working together
  • Alex: It's not going to match exactly, but it'll be inspired by it

SOTM US in general

  • Alex will meet with Bonnie etc. tomorrow to come up with a list of next steps and will post to the Github repo
  • Alyssa is back at work part time now
  • Alyssa reached out to a travel agency about scholarships
  • Alex wants to see stuff in tickets so he can work with Bonnie/etc. tomorrow
  • Alyssa will announce SOTM US at Geo NYC tonight