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  • Alyssa
  • Eleanor
  • Alex
  • Martijn
  • Absent: Ian (with notice)

Separate meeting for SOTM planning

  • Alyssa has someone at the Samsung Accelerator team who is good at hotel deals. Also folks at Mapbox involved. UN people also.
  • Let's get those people on one call. Planning for Tuesday 5:30 EST call. We can expand invitees list later as needed.
  • Alyssa to send out invite / email to invite.


  • Alyssa asks why the sponsorship deck differs from what was proposed.
  • No decision has been made on levels / packages yet
  • Alyssa stresses that it needs te be really clear what you get for the money.
  • Alex proposes to have another call tomorrow or day after to decide on tiers.
  • Goal for this time next week is to have a deck ready.
  • Alex to set up follow up call for sponsorship tiers

Solidifying a design

  • Alyssa feels it's still a bit off. Too dark.
  • Tristen is working on lightening it up.
  • Could be launched tonight.
  • Everyone please give it one last look


  • Alex: Please everyone give feedback on the newsletter.


  • Alex posted documents by Mark Diskin to review. Please review.
  • We still haven't heard back on the old bank accounts. We can't seem to get the statements. Alex to discuss with Ian.


  • Everyone reviews their posted suggestions
  • Alyssa suggests an annual 'state of OpenStreetMap US' report
  • Discussion around how we can pick up the 'mapper's stories' idea into a web series / something to support the conference.
  • How to get mappers to speak at the conference. Talk perhaps not the right format. We need to come up with a platform for mappers to share their stories at the conference.
  • Mapper of the month? In the newsletter
  • Top mapper identification / stories. Eleanor wants to own this.
  • Discussion around workshops, repeat or not? No immediate decision.
  • Tangent: should we have a motto / theme for the conference?
  • Code of conduct, do we want one for the conference and other event?
  • Event starter kit could be a good angle to attack this, could include CoC but also who to reach out to and how.
  • Partnering with Maptime on local events and starter kit (look at what Mele put together)
  • Mele started a Mapathon starter kit
  • Let's work on 10 good media stories. Alyssa wants to work on this.