Foundation/Local Chapters/United States/Minutes-2015-01-06

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  • Martijn
  • Alex
  • Ian
  • Mele


501c3 (Martijn)

  • A little confusing as to where we are and what we need
  • Alex needs to get back to Diskin on form 1023
  • Ian will dump past bank statement information and send it to Alex + Martijn

Donor level (Alex)

  • Let's add a $200/yr "Donor" level
  • Ian will add it to Wufoo and then we'll work together on a blog post talking about it


  • We have two people that signed up
  • We reached out to some others but they politely declined
  • Let's give the two people $1000 scholarship
  • Alex should send them e-mails congratulating them
  • Ian will send them checks

SOTM US bids

  • Three coming in: St. Louis, Seattle, New York
  • Haven't heard from Phoenix in a while

Transition meeting

  • Need to plan the old/new board transition meeting