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  • Please all vote on the thread
  • Add to the note to talk-us that we are all in agreement (if we are). Our opinion is important.
  • How to get our membership to comment and know about it. How about we post it to talk-us and send out an email to our membership.
  • After a week we will push for a membership vote.

Sponsorship levels

  • Alyssa: Second or third tier will be more attractive to most potential sponsor. So we should have a tier on top of that.
  • Ranges are still pretty big: 200-300 or even 400k.
  • Alex is still very concerned that we will be alienating existing sponsors if we go even higher than a $25k top tier.
  • We can work with add ons if companies can be stretched to give more money.
  • Agreed on $25k with modular opportunities.
  • Edit the gist copy directly, Tristen will grab from there.
  • Status API Training Shop Blog About Pricing