Foundation/Local Chapters/United States/Minutes-2015-01-20

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  • Alex
  • Ian
  • Eleanor
  • Alyssa
  • (Martijn on Europe time)



  • Once we apply how long is the process? Probably on the order of months
  • Fundraising for SOTMUS: we can't tell people we're a non-profit
  • Eleanor: could we partner with a 501c3 to help make donations/sponsorships happen?

Meeting with Debbie

  • It went well, we're going to categorize things in Quickbooks and probably write off the difference in the Wells Fargo account that we haven't gotten statements on yet


  • Not a lot of substantial feedback
  • Tanya pointed out that the minimum number of directors changed to 3 from 4
  • Alyssa: I'd slightly prefer 5-9 rather than 3
  • Eleanor: we have 5 now, if someone dropped out we'd have ot have an election right away or we wouldn't be able to do any business
  • Alex: that's my concern: if someone drops out we're stuck
  • Alex: going to summarize this discussion and put a vote in the Github ticket for us to vote on
  • We need to turn >100 people out, so get ready to send lots of e-mail
  • We recommend the bylaws to the membership and when they pass the vote they are ratified. We don't have to vote again on them other than voting as members.