Foundation/Local Chapters/United States/Minutes-2015-01-27

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  • Eleanor
  • Alyssa
  • Ian
  • Alex


Vote for bylaws

  • How many responses do we have? 91 out of 202.
  • Put the list of who has responsed together
  • Reaching out to people one-on-one with spreadsheet

Sponsorship policy

  • Like what we have
  • Just need to write it up and put comms around it
  • Issue #84
  • Martijn + Eleanor had already started drafting a blog post
  • Probably should send it out after the comms for SOTM US
  • Vote for $200 sponsorship on the Austin proposal from Sara: 4 yeas, 1 not present
  • Sara to give us payment information and send us pictures


  • Haven't heard back from Debbie yet
  • Was hoping for progress, Ian will ping her

SOTM US Sponsorship deck

  • Do we need to vote on sponsorship deck as a board?
  • Probably not, but we can give a blanket permission to the SOTM organizational committee with a vote
  • The org committee should just take stuff and work on it. Don't need a vote on everything.
  • If something is controversial to the board, the board should flag it