Foundation/Local Chapters/United States/Minutes-2015-02-10

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  • Alex
  • Ian (late)
  • Eleanor
  • Alyssa
  • Martijn

Bookkeeper / Finances

  • Alex and Ian had a call with another prospective bookkeeper Lou which went well. We would be a little small for her though. Perhaps more expensive to us, but more of a concern would be that she would not want to work with us or not be as committed because we're so small.
  • Debbie also re-emerged and she appeared to already have done some work and had some questions on sorting out 2013 which sounded encouraging.
  • Alyssa's option will be put on hold.
  • Ian will continue to manage this and will get back with answers to the questions.
  • Wells Fargo has sent fax statements thanks to Thea. We can now prove that the account is in fact closed.

Conflict of interest policy

  • Financial interest disclosure is potentially an issue for @lxbarth. He will re-read and then we can vote and push through.

Minutes publishing

  • @mvexel will take the lead in cleaning up the minutes for publication
  • Whatever publication method is easiest is OK, nobody really has a preference.


  • We should use slack more!