Foundation/Local Chapters/United States/Minutes-2015-03-03

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  • Alyssa
  • Ian
  • Martijn
  • Alex


  • Ian has not heard from Debbie
  • But we need all our transactions categorized.
  • Martijn did all but one of the uncategorized expenses
  • Ian needs to finish his bit.
  • We received Wells Fargo statements, Ian will send to Debbie
  • Account is now closed.


  • Everyone has signed
  • Local copies to be stored by Alex
  • Alex to get signed docs to Mark Diskin

Travel Channel

  • Alyssa posted to legal-talk
  • We don't have any legal standing to give advice
  • LWG would address these types of questions
  • Is is not worth it to take shortcuts here and give advice
  • They should consult with their own legal counsel
  • Decision is to refer them to LWG / and link to

Board Insurance

  • Alyssa waiting on New School to tell us what they need
  • Anthony may know. Martijn will email
  • Alyssa will email Dennis from New School