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  • Martijn
  • Ian
  • Alex
  • Cathryn
  • Randy
  • Alyssa
  • Eleanor
  • Anthony Denaro


Program committee

  • Want to improve diversity: reach out to more women, people from government?
  • Last year it was board + a few external people
  • Any ideas to cut the process shorter would be helpful: a limited number of yes votes, jurors can push for a particular talk
  • How do we decide between lightning/normal talks?
  • The first part should be a simple tally of numbers to thin out the proposals
  • We could have people that only participate in the first round of votes
  • We've reached out to three externals: Paul Norman, Richard Welty, Eric Theise, Jochen Topf (interested but probably doesn't have time)
  • Anyone can reach out to people about reviewing


  • We can't exchange money at the UN, so we have to pre-pay if we use their space

(new york lost internet at this point)

Workshop day

  • Martijn is making sure everyone interested is on the same e-mail thread
  • Andy, Jochen, Roland (overpass), Paul Norman, Drew (GTFS feesd)
  • Want to announce workshop tracks before/alongside normal program to point out that there's a technical lineup to combat the perception we're a trade show
  • Lots of interest, no firm commitments yet
  • Some call for proposal submissions are pretty close to workshops


  • Friday:
  • Surrogate court
  • Big open space, convenient to most of New York
  • There's a little bit of urgency to finish paperwork
  • We can reserve it without any cost, Colin's agency would absorb the cost of security
  • Our cost would be for food
  • Monday: Columbia is an option
  • Saturday: it would suck if we don't have a Saturday event
  • Dispersed bars around the city or beer hall
  • Worried about budget
  • Beer halls are a pretty great option
  • Roughly $5,000 to have 700 people with one beer
  • Alex: We could choose between the Friday social and more scholarships
  • Let's talk about hidden costs in Surrogate court when Alex+Cathryn visit New York


  • Alex hasn't reached out on kenotes more
  • Alyssa has reached out to Clay Shirky and is waiting to hear back
  • Richard Fairhurst has said yes, too


  • Eleanor had to hop off
  • She's been posting on a ticket
  • We will create a coupon code for people who applied for scholarships to get early bird prices