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  • Alyssa
  • Eleanor
  • Ian
  • Martijn
  • Alex


  • Debbie is not working out too well.
  • Everyone to ask around for other options.
  • Alex has had no luck so far.
  • Eleanor may know someone.
  • Alyssa has a recommendation also, will follow up.


  • Alex completed the budgets, got signatures needed.
  • Ball is in Mark Diskin's court right now.
  • No actions needed right now, except for Alyssa needs to look at the bios.


  • SotM money incoming is all going into the new WF checking account.
  • Goal is to move everything over to WF from Regions checking account slowly.
  • We need to file taxes for 2013-2014, no progress there right now.
  • Ian to get in touch with accountants (May&Barnhard).
  • We should be good to file 2014
  • We need a clear picture of upcoming expenses.
  • Alyssa to work with Anthony on setting up a google sheets or similar for that.
  • Wells Fargo to be added to QBO
  • Start reconciling 2015.

Conflict of interest

  • We need to identify potential conflicts of interest
  • The COI policy defines a COI in financial terms, we don't really see that occurring.
  • On the other hand, there may be other conflicts of interest that don't have a direct financial, quantifiable interest.
  • Right now though we have to think about what the IRS expects. Our responsibility to the community (good stewardship) is a different matter.
  • Alex prepared a statement stating: - Alyssa, Martijn, Alex declared a potential financial conflict of interest by their respective companies sponsoring State of the Map US and at the same time serving on the State of the Map US program committee. - Board decision (Ian Dees, Eleanor Tutt): NO not a conflict of interest. - We do deal with potential conflict of interest outside of the financial nature by having a program committee with diverse voices.
  • We should make a very public statement around what our potential conflicts are and how we deal with it.
  • There could be a separate post on the way we decide on the program talks.
  • Ian wants to write these posts.


  • No back channel with Clifford / Charlotte, the ball is in their court for coming up with comms around summer mapathon.

Mapathon recap

  • We can do a better job helping out organizers
  • We can start a mailing list
  • Cliff / Charlotte's work ties into this.


  • Ian is helping out with the interational payments.
  • Some non-response, 1 decline.
  • Scholarship winner guest blog post? Eleanor to send out a general inquiry to winners.