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American Geographical Society endorsement

  • Certificate from AGS is awesome
  • Real signatures, gold thing embossed

Getting feedback

  • Adding questions about Code of Conduct before we send
  • How about a town-hall where we talk to people - how about a mappy hour
  • Alyssa will work with Martijn to set one up
  • Ian will put together an e-mail on Mailchimp and send it to all signups

Thank yous

  • Alyssa will put together a State of the Map US "in numbers" blog post
  • Alex sends thank yous to sponsors
  • Anthony sends thank yous to people he was in touch with
  • Eleanor sends thank you to scholars; ask them to post/tweet about their experiences

Campaign for signup to OSM US and OSMF

  • Who got the signup sheets?
  • They're probably somewhere. Ask Anthony


  • Had a phone call, didn't concede that the photo was bad
  • Asked for 30% off
  • Focused on the group picture, but they're all subpar for a semi-professional
  • Future: we should get samples during the conference
  • Future: we should be very clear to the future person that they need to make sure the photos work
  • Future: encourage people that are holding mapathons that they should take photos and send 'em in


  • What'd we spend? What we haven't?
  • $191,000 in cash
  • What should we do with it? Hire people? Scholarships?
  • Let's do meaningful grass roots support for July 11th mapathon

Next meeting we should talk about:

  • Code of conduct
  • Feedback from form
  • Money

Open up the Slack channel

  • Get people to join

Twitter @openstreetmapus

  • Alyssa should continue using Twitter via @openstreetmapus
  • @sotmus account shot up a bunch during State of the Map US


  • Maptime has an HQ where comms happens in and out
  • Encourage local groups to sign up for our Slack
  • We should work directly with Maptime to connect closer with OSM
  • We could work on Maptime tutorials that are specific to OSM


  • We should move forward with the newer book keeping; Will Huber might not be full time
  • We're going to ask Will if he's still available and agree to use his services