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  • Alyssa
  • Eleanor
  • Ian
  • Martijn


  • Getting numbers post up - Alyssa will post, @ian will get it live.
  • Let's talk about CoC next week when Alex is here.
  • Spending some money.
  • Alyssa is all for saving it.
  • Martijn says spend 10-20k for good projects that forward our mission
  • Like a travel exchange for local events (Eleanor)
  • And stickers!
  • Scholarships fund for future events so we don't have to wait for external money
  • A conference in a less major city
  • Supporting local organizers, perhaps with a retreat / summit (a la Maptime)
  • Priorities? Perhaps not events.
  • Going forward we'll do 5pm ET and block one hour.
  • Use emoji!
  • Mapathon July!
  • Create a wiki page - @mvexel
  • @alyssa is having stickers printed
  • Invite organizers to Slack
  • Mappy hour!
  • @mvexel to send bitly link to @alyssa
  • SOTM 2015
  • How to get blog posts people wrote? Scour twitter or another post to the attendee / speaker mailing list.