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  • Alyssa
  • Eleanor
  • Ian
  • Anthony
  • Martijn



  • Martijn to review in detail.
  • All to review casually.

Code of Conduct

  • What can we do to make the CoC more actionable / enforcable?
  • Perhaps assign volunteers to be champions of the CoC
  • Having a single point person for CoC situation
  • Follow up:
  • Design procedure for dealing with a CoC situation
  • Reach out to other orgs who may have this in place already
  • Also extend to Mapathon - but we can only recommend it, orgs would need to own it.

SOTM US 2015 Wrap-up

  • Not sponsoring scholarships separately, not as relevant now because we have more own money
  • Scholarships
  • More time for scholarship recipients to get visas etc. Three months at least.
  • Travel agent on hand
  • Investifate payment options
  • We should be sending people 1099s, at least people in the US.
  • Sponsor comms - we should have all the requirements in a single doc to refer to.
  • Let's pick this up next week