Foundation/Local Chapters/United States/Minutes-2015-07-28

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  • Ian
  • Alyssa
  • Alex
  • Martijn


  • Update on bookkeeping
  • Stickers
  • Pizza request
  • Dead link to archive videos
  • 501 c 3
  • SOTM billing


Accountant update

  • Ian spoke with him a couple weeks ago, followup needs to happen

Pizza request

  • Up to 250 in the past, let's keep it that way
  • Just send receipts to


  • Alyssa sent all hers out.
  • Martijn got quote for more stickers.
  • Alyssa to send out more

Dead link

  • some links work other don't
  • Alex is going to sort this out
  • Looks like we got downgraded
  • Alex will look at whether we need to upgrade or make now private videos public again

501 c 3

  • Ian needs to go over the numbers, added to ticket
  • Debbie needs updated Paypal numbers, Ian will provide
  • Martijn is finalizing review today

SOTM Billing

  • Ian never got a bill from UN security
  • He will email Anthony
  • Elections
  • We should start blogging about candidacy