Foundation/Local Chapters/United States/Minutes-2015-08-18

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  • Alyssa
  • Eleanor
  • Alex
  • Martijn


  • Mapathon blogs
  • 501 C 3

National Action Plan

  • National Action Plan
  • Getting OSM mentioned is great regardless

Open Government Partnership Summit in Mexico (Oct 25)

  • Alex, Alyssa, Martijn likely attending
  • We should devise an OSM US strategy.
  • Let's have a followup on strategy.
  • And open a github ticket

501 c 3

  • Bookkeeper status? Debbie emailed. Ian needs to have another look.
  • Alex can walk Ian through spreadsheets
  • We don't have a close relation with OSMF - nothing in writing

Other finances

  • Working with Will - Ian would like someone more responsive.
  • Otoh we won't need any bookkeeping action for a while.
  • Some reconciliation needs to happen still. Ian will work with Will on this.
  • UN security still has not billed.
  • Deloitte sent us money but it was supposed to go to Mapbox. Ian sent it right back.

board elections

  • Martijn ghost wrote a blog post for Alyssa.
  • When to plan a campfire session? Perhaps September
  • Tentative elections deadline Oct 18th.
  • Townhall meeting / AGM Oct 5th tentative.
  • Coordinate with Fall mapathon in November.