Foundation/Local Chapters/United States/Minutes-2015-09-15

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  • Ian
  • Alex
  • Eleanor
  • Alyssa

Finances / 501(c)(3)

  • Alex is updating the budget outlook and will hand over to Ian once done
  • P&L overviews

(deleted) transaction categories - should those appear there? Ian thinks they might not belong there. Alex suggests that they are deleted now but were relevant then.

  • Alex should have it done by today, Ian and Alex will connect tomorrow and send it over to Mark Diskin.
  • We will have late fees for 2014 taxes which will be substantial
  • Ian will create ticket to track down what the quote was for the UN because the invoice was high and we need to check. Alex will look into it also. Ian will fwd to Anthony after if necessary.

Elections and other calendar items

  • Fall mapathon to align with Geography Awareness Week Nov 15-21. Martijn to email Steven Johnson. This will be on the new board's plate.
  • Time to look into election monitors. Mike Collinson did it last year. Martijn to ask him again.
  • Martijn to look at post mortem emails from last elections.
  • Let's reach out to our networks and folks who ran last year.