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Eleanor Alyssa Ian Martijn


We spent ~$2k around 3y ago on it It's currently hosting our website and something Migurski created Some folks use it for small dev projects. One of the hard drives bailed and the OSM DB is no longer updated. Do we want to spend ~$500 to fix the HD? Alex thinks it's not worth our time / money to support it? Martijn suggested to appoint someone else to spend the time to support it. Value: have a place for people to do interesting dev projects. Alyssa suggests a company take it over? Ian suggests a company could provide it but prefers a real person administer it. Ian has some ideas for folks who could administer it. We're fine to spend a little money now and then to keep it running


Three names in the ballot now. Everyone to reach out to one or more people individuals to run. Martijn to reach out to independent observers. Email to remind folks that elections are coming up, Alyssa Another email to remind folks to renew whose memberships have expired, Ian Limesurvey was good to use. We have some credits left with them.


  • Documents signed and to be submitted
  • We voted to spend $2500 more on him.
  • Mark already has been paid

Wikimedia collaboration

  • Alyssa will meet the guy who proposed the collaboration with SotM US next Wednesday
  • Martijn thinks it's an opportunity. Should not be at the same time.
  • Eleanor sees it as an interesting angle for a Seattle bid. We don't have to decide now.

Mini grants

  • Courtney's request still open.
  • Ian: folks don't really present a plan, should we demand something more concrete?
  • Eleanor: There may be a lack of clarity on what they can request funding for.
  • Martijn suggests a form with a few mandatory fields.
  • Eleanor will design a form
  • Martijn will email requesting a bit more info.


  • Alyssa - a blog post would be interesting telling folks about us participating in these events.
  • Alyssa could do this for OGP
  • Martijn to draft something for HiDaC

SotM bids

  • Alyssa - let's pick a date.
  • Let's announce it now - by Friday.
  • Give them three weeks (until Friday Nov 4).
  • Alyssa to look at recycling the last year's blog post.
  • Draft > Github for offline discussion
  • Status API Training Shop Blog About Pricing