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Alyssa Drishtie Ian Martijn Alex Steven (Teach OSM)


  • TeachOSM
  • Review of the SOTM US post
  • How we want to promote SOTM US
  • Timeline on the working group blog post and how we want to communicate that


Teach OSM

  • Teach OSM helping to diversify the community through educational focus
  • Great technologist but they do not float in the education community
  • OSM US help for communications and marketing - Partnerships
  • OSM US as a sponsor
  • Who is OSM? - Nuala, Maggie, Janice and Mike (Northern Virginia Community College), John Marino (Geo Badges)
  • Need to figure out 501C3
  • Looking for funds to support programs by march
  • Draft a charter for TeachOSM to formalize the relationship.


  • Have a follow up communication publicly to ask the community when they want SOTM US and how many people?
  • Add link so people know to contact
  • Decide on when to have conf - not August because of the International conference.