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  • Not necessarily looking for perfect proposal. As much as you can build out a vision and feasibly, logistics, time of event etc.
  • Common thread - Mapping centric and stronger mapping community
  • Want to experiment with building community in a different way
  • Last year helped to show OSM to outside community. This yeat how can we grow OSM in the country?
  • What is the Selection Criteria?

Vision for SOTM US

  • Location
  • Attraction to new people
  • Easily accessible
  • This year OSM US is much more open to new ideas
  • Degree to which you are committed will help the selection
  • Make sure timing of conference does not conflict with other major open data conferences.

Deadline for submitting Proposals

  • February 15th


  • What is the Cost Structure? Varied based on logistics and venue
  • Initial upfront costs - OSM US can probably cover most upfront costs
  • What rate do you recoup the expenses through ticket sales?


  • As early as possible with enough lead time to plan
  • Keep an eye out for Jewish holidays. Seems to be high conference times.
  • National Day of Civic Hacking is June 4th
  • Not to the same time of State of the Map International 2016 - Sept 22-25th
  • Asia State of Map (most likely Manila) after September
  • HOT Summit before/after International State of the Map Late September

Attendee Numbers

  • 200 Portland 2012
  • 300 SF 2013
  • 400 DC 2014
  • 800 NYC 2015
  • This year we are looking at a lower number based on the fact that it is not NYC at the UN.
  • Do not focus on numbers, but more about the goal of what we want to achieve at the conference.


  • Clifford - Get as many people to come. more mappers. Would lower costs help
  • Mikel - Should communicate out the idea of multiple events idea. Local working group run by Martijn
  • Board can help with any conversations or additional support needed for sleeting venues.
  • Can we See having multiple events instead of one STOM US? (Martijn) - Open to proposal and ideas for both.
  • Focus on a strong mapping centric conference
  • We have Planning tools to help with specific numbers
  • Board can help with planning
  • Would like to have more scholarships to bring more local OSM contributors to the conference
  • Do we publish Meeting notes and financials? - We are in the process of making them public.
  • The board will support any team selected during the process.

Possible Bids

  • Camille Cassidy - Digital Globe - Denver, Colorado
  • Clifford - Seattle, Washington
  • Brett Lord-Castillo - St Louis, Missouri