Foundation/Local Chapters/United States/Minutes-2016-02-09

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  • Ian
  • Drishtie
  • Martijn
  • Alyssa
  • Alex
  • Guest - Susan Harvard Law
  • Guest - Penelope, Havard Law Student


  • Local chapter agreement
  • Law clinic
  • TeachOSM
  • Open Camp in New York
  • Taxes and 501c3
  • AAG Conf
  • #149 GIS-T Conference


OSM US Law Clinic

  • Law clinic
  • Would be Experiential learning relationship
  • Students get course credit
  • Major key for Harvard - Need to know with whom the relationship is with.
  • Make a mailing list to include people that want to be involved with communication.

Taxes 501c3

  • Late fee, will submit letter to get waived or reduced
  • File previous years as 501c4
  • Send a letter to everyone to let them know we were not a 501c3 so they should not add SOTM US to their taxes as charity
  • Sent all vendors messages we are nonprofit and

Women's Mapathon

  • Make that the winter event
  • Alyssa as guest speaker


  • Drishtie/Alex to be keynote speaker
  • Alyssa ok with social event


  • Look at the card #149 GIS-T Conference