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Alex Ian Alyssa


SOTM US proposals

  • Proposals that came in:
    • Colorado (July 27-Aug 1)
    • Seattle (no date)
    • St. Louis (no date)
  • We need to do homework
  • Last couple years we made the decision as the board
  • Let's find another 30 minutes this week for deliberations after going over it on your own time
  • Ideally, on Friday night we send a thumbs up to one of the three
  • Let's meet 2pm EST tomorrow and having a voice discussion


  • We don't have to refile our past taxes
  • Still need to notify Craigslist about our non-retroactive non-profit status
    • Don't need to do it for other organizations because we never advertised ourselves to anyone as 501c3, except for Craigslist
    • Alyssa could send them the e-mail along with the letter of determination so that can restart that conversation with
    • Ian to send an e-mail to the Craiglist contact for sponsorship
  • Ian is applying for non-profit pricing on services we use
  • May & Barnhard & Mark Diskin are working on defraying the 2013 IRS late fee


  • How are we going to integrate TeachOSM + OSM US? Need some legal advice.
  • Diskin's hourly rate is high
  • Alex moves to pay for 2 hours of Diskin's time to talk about TeachOSM + and structure the relationship


  • Where are the mapathons listed on our site?
  • We don't do as much comms about events
  • We used to have an event calendar but it looked like crap
  • Let's make a slack channel for mapathons
  • There's a wiki page here:

Law clinic

  • It's just starting: we had an initial meeting with the students earlier today to scope out what we'd be tackling
  • It makes sense to write a blog post about this: talk about what we've done so far, some background. Invite people to participate (slack, mailing list, etc.).
  • Alyssa will be point from OSM US, and ask for help where needed
  • Let's set up a town hall to communicate what this is and get input from the OSM community
  • Make a wiki page with links to the draft document we sent them, to be homework for townhall
  • This is not a big deal, it's students doing their homework