Foundation/Local Chapters/United States/Minutes-2016-02-23

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  • Ian
  • Drishtie
  • Martijn
  • Alex


SOTM US proposals

  • Let's all to do a ranking for the proposals of the ones you like in order of 1-3. Include if you do not want one of them as well.
  • Chat after townhall about proposals - Townhall 12pm EST 24th Feb
  • Seattle dates - July 24th


  • Alex chatted with Mike and Steve
  • Set up a call with Mike to go through the details.
  • Friday 2pm EST

Law clinic next steps + comms

  • Town-hall tomorrow

GIS-T April 4-7 #149

  • Martijn is going

AAG #143

  • No to the co-hosted happy hour with Mapbox
  • Yes to the opening spot for OSM US.
  • Think about a travel grant for Teach OSM (Steve) to go the conf. All in agreement for this. (Ian, Martijn, Alex and Drishtie)
  • Make a travel policy - Alex to come up with a draft. Martijn to also review

Update on financials

  • Debbie will get back to us by end of the month.

Local WG / Mapathons

  • Mapathons up on the wiki.